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10 museum exhibitions to enrich long summer days

HEW LOCKE: THE PROCESSION 140 life-size figures make up “The Procession,” British artist Hew Locke’s sprawling, carnival-esque installation commissioned by the Tate Britain in 2022. It lands at the ICA’s summer-seasonal Watershed this month to a site simpatico with the themes Locke explored in its original making: Notions of colonialism and the inequities of global exchange between Europe and the Carribbean are as present right here as they are across the pond. Perched on the edge of Boston Harbor, a historic Colonial port with its own fraught histories of triangular trade and the movement of enslaved people, it should fit seamlessly, though an ocean away. May 23-Sept. 2. ICA Watershed, 25 Harbor Shore Drive, 617-478-3100,