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11 Artists Having a Major Moment This Fall

mosie romney

B. 1994, New York. Lives and works in New York.

This fall will bring mosie romney’s first solo show with P.P.O.W, which announced representation of the artist in May of this year. Known for painting complex imaginary spaces that hover between figuration and abstraction, romney creates an immersive dialogue between reality and fantasy that challenges conventional understandings of time, memory, and self-perception. Utilizing their background in set design and puppetry to produce a unique painting style, romney masterfully orchestrates visual realms that invite viewers to rethink their emotional and cognitive boundaries.

In their upcoming solo show, titled “Rhizome St. / Fugue Avenue,” the artist delves deeper into their imaginative storytelling, referencing maps and interiors, particularly of opera houses, as well as symbols from cartoons, myths, and culture. This assembly of figures is set within landscapes that navigate the psychological terrains of alienation and transformation. With works already in the permanent collections of prestigious institutions like the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, and the Studio Museum in Harlem, romney is likely to see their reputation as a compelling voice in contemporary art grow this fall.