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18 Things We Can’t Wait to Do This Spring and Early Summer

12. Sail the harbor to the city’s largest art installation.

During the warm months, the Institute of Contemporary Art brings one massive artwork to its Watershed space on the Eastie waterfront, accessible via boat from the Seaport. And this year, from May 25 through September 4, the Watershed will unveil a full sensory experience created by Guadalupe Maravilla. Inspired by his childhood fleeing civil war in his native El Salvador and his recent bout with cancer, Maravilla has focused on healing through art. His installation here will be centered on Mariposa Relámpago, a school bus refurbished with animals, plants, and spirits made from metal and stone. But be sure to schedule your visit around the “sound baths” performed on gongs by a series of sound healers, including Maravilla himself.