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Leading artists get to work on coronation-inspired artworks following art collection commission

Working in paint, pencil, photography and mixed media, the artists will help to capture personal and community responses to this historic event through a wide range of artworks which reflect on this important moment in British history.

The artists, who have been commissioned to create new works by the Government Art Collection, were stationed across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and New York for the Coronation weekend and will offer their unique perspectives to commemorate the events.

Cornelia Parker, Hew Locke and Dale Lewis were in London for the Coronation, while Joy Gerrard surveyed crowds gathered in both London and Belfast.

Leslie Thompson captured the excitement at events in central Manchester, while Mohamed Hassan photographed neighbourhood events in Cardiff, Swansea and other locations across South Wales.

In Scotland, near the Balmoral Castle royal estate, Sophie Gerrard documented the occasion among rural communities and Vanley Burke recorded celebrations within communities in Birmingham.

Further afield, the British-born US-based artist Shantell Martin created a work live during  a Coronation event in New York City.

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer said:

The Coronation was a momentous occasion that will live long in the memories of all those who saw it. It was also a celebration of British creative talent and so it is right that we use this talent to capture and commemorate these occasions as well.

Just as Lowry did in 1953, these works by fantastic artists will capture this joyous moment in our history and offer unique perspectives on it from different locations across the UK and around the world.

The works they produce will be put on display for people to enjoy and provide an artistic tribute to the event.

These commissions are inspired by a previous project during the 1953 Coronation for Queen Elizabeth II that was initiated by the Government Art Collection’s predecessor, the Ministry of Works. It featured work by notable artists of the day including L.S. Lowry and Dame Laura Knight.

The 2023 commissions will bring new energy to this tradition by engaging artists working in different media from right across the UK, generating works reflecting the nation’s response to this moment of history.

These works will be finished over the coming months and, once finished, will go on display to the public.