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I’ve Gone to Look for America probes deep into the hypocrisies innate to the core of American identity. The participating artists possess an intimate understanding of the deceptive nature that is Americanism–each of them embarking on a personal quest to uncover the true essence of this nation, only to encounter barriers obstructing their sense of belonging. 

These obstacles, so intrinsic to everyday American life, can manifest as the overwhelming presence of patriotism, the entwined indoctrination associated with assimilation into American culture, or the underlying specter of violence that permeates life in the United States. The artwork showcased in this exhibition is as diverse and expansive as the concept of America itself. However, amidst this diversity, a unifying theme of reconciliation emerges–a process of coming to terms with unfulfilled promises that potentially paves the way for something more profound in its authenticity.

The artists included in the exhibition are Sula Bermúdez-Silverman, Jory Drew, Timo Fahler, José Flores, Ishi Glinsky, Saj Issa, Y. Malik Jalal, Catalina Ouyang, Nereida Patricia, Puppies Puppies (Jade Guanaro Kuriki-Olivo), Chiffon Thomas, Christian Vargas, and Haena Yoo. I’ve Gone to Look for America is on view at Murmurs from April 17 - May 27.