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The Artsy Vanguard 2022

The Artsy Vanguard, now in its fifth edition, is our annual feature spotlighting the most promising artists working today. The group of rising talents we feature this year is multigenerational, international, and multidisciplinary—their mediums range from augmented reality to tapestry, painting to printmaking. They dauntlessly address the realities of the present, from our crumbling Earth to systems of oppression and surveillance. Though it’s also through these artists that we’re reminded of art’s unmatched potential to capture and convey humanity, be that through portrayals of love and intimacy, or grief and despair.

The Artsy Vanguard artists’ artistic achievements have been met with serious votes of confidence from the art world: inclusions in major museum shows and biennials; representation with esteemed international galleries; head-turning auction records; and highly coveted spots at top residencies, to name a few. Yet one look at these artists’ works will tell you their accolades only begin to demonstrate their potential.

In addition to our editorial profiles linked below, from now through December 11th, the artists’ works will be featured on a digital billboard in New York City, on the corner of West 48th Street and Broadway in Times Square. Plus, you can discover and collect fresh works by the artists in The Artsy Vanguard Artists collection.

Here, we’re honored to present the artists of The Artsy Vanguard 2022.

Guadalupe Maravilla

B. 1976, El Salvador. Lives and works in New York.

Guadalupe Maravilla’s large-scale sculptures evoke the artist’s astrological ruling planet of Jupiter, in that they are ambitious, fiery, spiritual, philosophical, and in service to his community. A spiritual healer and activist, Maravilla uses his artistic practice to attend to the needs of those around him.