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The More the Merrier: Here Are This Week’s 9 Must-See Group Shows


Where: P·P·O·W

When: June 28 - August 9

Why It's Worth A Look: The old adage of “those who can’t do, teach” is put to bed with this striking exhibition. Bringing together those working as both artists and teachers, “Airhead” reveals how the world of teaching informs one’s artistic practice and how art informs methods of teaching. While these works are in no way didactic, they tease out how individuals and art forms change, often unconsciously, when opening up possibilities for others. Artists in the solid lineup include Laura Bernstein, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Jef Geys, and Pepón Osorio.

Know Before You Go: Alongside the exhibition, the gallery will showcase teach-ins and performances, dubbed Faculty Meetings, to convene additional artists and collaborative groups like No School and the Young Filmmakers Foundation.