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The Surreal Nudes of Heji Shin


“My Beating Heart / Mi corazón latiente” presents five of Pepón Osorio’s large-scale installations, ornately constructed scenes depicting Latinx life in America. The artist, a visionary maximalist, is also a deft choreographer of the eye, moving it precisely, wildly, across dense thickets of worldly stuff, underscoring the distinctions between decoration (personal, expressive) and artifice (protective, deflective). Osorio’s subjects are also his collaborators, their recorded voices resounding in the spaces he creates for them. “Badge of Honor,” from 1995, is one of the show’s revelations, featuring video conversations between an incarcerated father and his teen-age son projected inside a constructed prison cell and bedroom. When the sight of Osorio’s work overwhelms, then close your eyes, and listen.—Jennifer Krasinski (New Museum; through Sept. 17.)