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The Ten Most-Read AnOther Stories of 2022

From Björk and Ocean Vuong’s compelling conversation about motherhood and familial bonds, to Harley Weir on the relationship between art and pornography, we look back on our most popular features of the year

9. Artist Carolee Schneemann was no shrinking violet. From thrashing around in raw meat to producing a scroll out of her vagina, Schneemann was never far away from inciting intense provocation through her embodiment of womanhood. “No wonder male audience members expressed anger or approached her violently,” notes writer Philippa Snow. “She made fools of those who dared to see her as a naked bauble by reminding them that even hot girls bled, got angry, were artistic geniuses, and occasionally took pleasure in being gleefully unhinged.” As her retrospective exhibition Body Politics opened at the Barbican, Snow, artist Sands Murray-Wassink, writer Lauren Elkin, and editor and creative consultant Isabella Burley spoke about what the late pioneer meant to them and how her legacy lives on.