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Trailblazing Vietnamese American Artist Dinh Q. Lê  Dies at 56

He died of stroke.

Renowned Vietnamese artist Dinh Q. Lê died of stroke at the age of 56, as confirmed by his New York gallery, P·P·O·W. Lê's art delved into Vietnam's collective consciousness, profoundly impacted by conflict and historical loss. Through photo installations and video works, he depicted Vietnam's scarred landscape, where truth and fiction intertwined, rendering the past elusive. 

His acclaimed series titled From Vietnam to Hollywood intricately wove archival photographs, film stills, and war documentaries, revealing the inadequacy of these representations in capturing Vietnam's reality during the American War era. His iconic piece, The Farmers and the Helicopters, juxtaposed staged Western film scenes with Vietnamese testimonies, highlighting disparate perspectives on the war. Lê's profound insights garnered international recognition, showcasing at prestigious events like the Venice Biennale and Documenta 13.