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An "Undying" Love for the Works of Robin F. Williams

Robin F. Williams is already having quite the year. Her first museum show, Robin F. Williams: We’ve Been Expecting You, is on view in her hometown in Columbus, and now there is this bold new exhibition, Undying, her first with Perrotin in Japan. And it feels like the last few years have been a full of firsts with a solo show in Mexico City, too. For contemporary American painting, there aren't many better, more interesting, one with more technical virtuosity than Williams. Undying feels like another leap, an embrace of intimacy, sexual agency, of something very human. And maybe that is what is so striking about this particular body of work. Williams, to me, and as one can tell in this review it's hard for me not to show full open-hearted respect and admiration for the painter, has always had this almost otherworldly feature in her work, cinematic but almost surreal. This series feels in your face and very much of the moment, of the human flesh. Even though there is something of a horror film here, as the gallery notes the "works in Undying walk the tightrope between self-determination and self-destruction." It's a universally understood destruction.