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Censored: the exhibitions that Instagram doesn't want you to see

Galleries and artists are Increasingly finding themselves at the centre of heavy-handed suppression on the social media platform

Hands Off My Cuntry

Organised by Savannah Spirit, the exhibition Hands Off My Cuntry on the online platform Artsy responds directly to the overturning of the Roe vs Wade law in the US, which had guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion for last 49 years. Including artists such as Betty Tompkins and Marilyn Minter, the exhibition opened in July and immediately faced difficulties.

“As I was posting work from the show and announcing it over social media I noticed a suppression of views [compared] to the ratio of my followers… I then posted a carousel of images that included a self-portrait of non-binary photographer, Felli Maynard, their hand placed above their genital area, nipples exposed. This photograph caused the entire post to be deleted.”